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Cleveland, OH, USA


Blaze Returns




Blaze Custom Computers are custom made to order and therefore are not returnable unless all of the below conditions exist:




If your system does not start (D.O.A.) or has shipping damage upon receipt:


We are very sorry. This almost never happens and we take great stides to be certain your new system arrives undamaged and is usually a result of poor handling on the part of the shippers. We will always go above and beyond to find a way to make things right! In many cases, we can help you check system connections and find a quick solution.


In the very unlikely event of a D.O.A. system (dead on arrival) that can't be fixed by us or someone that represents us, in order to qualify for a full refund you MUST physically inspect your system upon signed receipt from UPS or Fedex of your new Blaze Computer System, including removing it from its box and visually inspecting the case for shipping damages upon receipt and notifying UPS or FEDEX at the time of signed receipt of such damage. Further, if there are no obvious shipping damages, you then must also attach a mouse, keyboard and monitor (remember to attach your monitor to the graphics card not the motherboard.) and press the power button to start your new computer system up and into Windows 10 the day of receipt of your system. If you observe physical damages from UPS or FEDEX shipping with your system, report it to your local  Fedex or UPS offices ASAP and/or if it fails to boot up into Windows 10 YOU MUST NOTIFY US and leave a message at (330) 523-8481 IMMEDIATELY and save all boxes and packaging material in order to request a full refund. 'You may also write us on the day of receipt with these issues at BlazeCustomComputers@gmail.com A refund will be granted only if the system is damaged by the shipper and you notified us and the shipper at the time of original inspection by you at delivery and according to the directions above or if your system comes to you "Dead on Arrival", meaning your system isn't physically damaged from shipping but won't start at all and we are unable to fix the issue or provide someone to fix it at your residence.


You MUST email us at BlazeCustomComputers@gmail.com and request and be granted an RMA number. You MUST seek and have an approved RMA NUMBER ISSUED TO YOU FIRST, BEFORE YOU MAY RETURN ANY PURCHASE.


An industry standard 15% restocking fee is applied to all returned computer system unless all of the items below have been met:



1. Your purchase is returned back to Blaze Custom Computers within 30 days of original delivery in all it's original packaging with all power cords and wrapping intact and including all component manuals as well as repackaging including any double boxing it arrived in, if applicable.


2. There must be a defective hardware component or components inside your system which must originate or consist of a component or components originally installed by Blaze Custom Computers to receive a full refund.


3. Blaze Custom Computers or a third-party computer company contracted by Blaze Custom Computers must verify that malfunction is related to or caused by a component originally installed by Blaze Custom Computers. Issues deemed to be related to additional user hardware component installations are NOT covered. Operating system performance related issues, driver installation, or user installed, upgraded or altered software settings issues are NOT covered.

Returning/Exchanging a DOA system:



In the VERY unlikely event your system arrived DOA and a return for repair or refund has been authorized by Blaze Custom Computers and an RMA # granted, the system returned must include its packaging, all product manuals, and all accessories including power cords, wifi antenna, etc. Blaze Custom Computers will not refund shipping costs for returned packages that have NOT been authorized and an RMA # assigned. Remove any personal or private content which you do not want potentially accessed by any third party. Blaze Custom Computers is not liable for lost or misused data on computers that are returned for any reason. Email BlazeCustomComputers@gmail.com for return shipping RMA # and shipping address.

If your system starts normally and there are no shipping damages:



CONGRATULATIONS! You are in the majority and we hope you enjoy your new custom system for years to come! But you still have 1 year from the day of your receipt of delivery and your original inspection of your system to notify us of any hardware issues, in the unlikely event they arise, with your system. After that time has elapsed, the individual components manufacturers warranty shall apply (if applicable). Blaze Custom Computers warranty covers ONLY hardware issues related to and originating from components originally installed by Blaze Custom Computers on your system. User installed software or hardware related issues, as well as issues caused or determined to be caused by software or other hardware installed by the user are NOT covered.


Thank you for doing business with Blaze Custom Computers.


IMPORTANT Sales Tax Information Below:


Blaze  Custom Computers, LLC does not collect sales or use tax in your state. (We do collect Ohio Sales Tax, if you are from Ohio, Please disregard this message.)


We are a very small business that falls far short of the threshold set by the United States Supreme Court of 200 transactions or $100,000.00 sales in your state yearly. However, your purchase is NOT necessarily exempt from your home states sales or use tax merely because it was purchased via the internet or other remote means out of state.


Most states now REQUIRE citizens of their respective state to: 


(A) file a sales or use tax return at the end of the year reporting all non-taxed purchases you may have made and

(B) pay your state sales tax on those purchases.


We strongly advise you to contact your local state tax department or your tax advisor to find out about your reporting requirements for purchases made out of state.


Thank You,

Blaze Custom Computers