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Cleveland, OH, USA


Blaze Custom Computers, LLC.

4456 North Abbe Road #133

Sheffield Village, OH 44054

IMPORTANT Sales Tax Information Below:


Blaze  Custom Computers, LLC does not collect sales or use tax in your state.


(We DO collect Ohio Sales Tax, if you are from Ohio, Please disregard this message.)


We are a very small business that falls far short of the threshold set by the United States Supreme Court requiring businesses to collect and remit state sales taxes that have 200 transactions or $100,000.00 sales in your state yearly. However, your purchase is NOT necessarily exempt from your home states sales or use tax merely because it was purchased via a small business on the internet or other remote means out of state.


Be advised that most states now REQUIRE citizens of their respective state to: 


(A) file a sales or use tax return at the end of the year reporting all non-taxed purchases you may have made and (B) pay your state sales tax on those purchases.


We strongly advise you to contact your local state tax department or your tax advisor to find out about your reporting requirements for purchases made out of state.


Thank You,

Blaze Custom Computers